Opens August 19th!


Our Apples Expected Date For Picking
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Available for
Available in the
Country Store
Alkmene August 19 alt alt
Ambrosia Mid September alt alt

Fuji September 1 alt alt
Gala August 21



Honeycrisp August 28 alt
Jonagold September 12 alt alt

(Country Store only)

August 14 alt alt
(Country Store only)
August 14 alt alt
(Country Store only)
Mid September alt alt
(Country Store only)
August 21 alt alt
Asian/Bartlett Pears
alt alt
Crab Apples alt alt

U Pick Apples Abbotsford

* All of our apples are non-gmo

* Our Country Store will carry varieties before they are available for U-Pick.

August & September
U-Pick Apple Prices

5 lbs  $6.00/bag
10 lbs  $12.00/bag
25 lbs  $25.00/bag

LIMIT: 100 lbs/person

U-PICK: Located at the Applebarn at 333 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford. See our Hours of Operation

U-Pick Apple Prices

5 lbs  $6.00/bag
10 lbs  $10.00/bag
25 lbs  $22.00/bag
50 lbs  $40 (two 25 lb bags)

U-PICK is located at 270 Gladwin Road. See our Hours of Operation

  • Weather can play a part in delaying or speeding up harvest times, so please check back on the webpage, often, or email/call ahead for accurate locations.

  • Please don't bring your own U-Pick containers as we provide our own bags.
  • Tour buses and larger groups are always welcome. Although unnecessary, we would love a heads up so that we can be ready to help you in any way that you might need. Note: there is a minimum $6 charge per person with tour groups.
  • Pre-picked fruit is available at the Country Store, but prices are not the same as U-Pick. Rates vary depending on the variety. Please call the Country Store for updates at 604.853.3108. If you are calling from a landline, outside of the Fraser Valley, please call 1.604.853.3108.


Nothing says fall like going into the Pumpkin Patch and choosing your very own pumpkin. While the smaller ones (especially Cinderella and sugar pumpkins) are better for making pumpkin pies, larger ones help kids carve that perfect jack-o-lantern. Our super-size pumpkins average 50 lbs! We have so many varieties and colours! Prices vary per size.

  • Girl Pumpkin Patch
  • Upick Pumpkin Pile
  • Upick Pumpkin Patch and Tractor
  • Upick Pumpkin Patch